California State Preschools | First 5 Preschools

The SLOCOE Child Development Programs are committed to providing a developmentally appropriate program in an enriched environment to benefit the children's social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and creative development.

The California State Preschools

  • Open to preschool children three to five years of age.
  • A three-hour per day, parent/child education program (expanded day programs offered in some locations).
  • Eligibilty is based on families whose gross monthly income does not exceed the income ceilings established by the California Department of Education. Proof of income and birth certificate are required to determine eligibility.

First 5 Preschool

  • Funded by the San Luis Obispo First 5 Children and Families Commission
    • Open to preschool children between 3 to 5 years old living in Oceano or Paso Robles
    • Priority to 4 year olds who will be entering kindergarten at Oceano Elementary or Georgia Brown Elementary
    • A 3 1/2 hr. per day, M-F, following a school year calendar
    • Free to all families


  • Nancy Norton - Child Development Program Director | 805-782-7274
  • Rosario Mora - Administrative Assistant II | 805-782-7275
  • Nancy Acosta - Administrative Assistant I | 805-782-7298

3350 Education Drive
San Luis Obospo, Ca 93405