San Luis Obispo County Board of Education Vacancy -Trustee Area 5

Pursuant to Education Code 5091, notice is hereby given that on February 2, 2017, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Education voted to make a provisional appointment to fill a vacancy on the County Board of Education. This appointment shall be for the remainder of the term which ends in 2018 unless a petition is filed for a special election.

Any applicant interested in applying must be 18 years old, a registered voter, reside within Trustee Area 5 (Atascadero Unified School District boundaries) is a resident of California, and not be legally barred from holding civil office.  Employees of the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education or of a school district are not eligible. We invite qualified applicants who are sincerely interested in public service to submit applications for appointment to this vacant seat.

Interested citizens will need to complete a Board Candidate Packet which can also be found on the County Board of Education page.

The deadline is Friday, March 3, 2017.

The County Board of Education will interview all qualified applicants during open session at a special board meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.