Message from the Superintendent

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jbresciaThe position of County Superintendent of Schools was established in the California State Constitution in 1879. This office has evolved to meet the changing needs of the state and its students. The responsibilities of this Constitutional position fall into the following categories:

• Educating specific student populations (i.e., special education and disenfranchised youth)
• Monitoring and oversight of student academic environment
• Monitoring and oversight for district fiscal stability
• Providing academic support and assistance to districts and their schools
• Providing direct services to small school districts
• Implementing regional support activities to assist district and school staffs

There are 6.24 million students, 1,028 school districts, and 58 County Superintendents in California. There are 53 elected County Superintendents and five who are appointed. Appointed County Superintendents include Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Clara. There are seven single district counties in the state: Alpine, Amador, Del Norte, Mariposa, Plumas, San Francisco and Sierra. The California County Superintendents Educational Association (CCSESA) represents all California counties.

James J. Brescia, Ed.D., Superintendent