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Residential Outdoor Science School for Every Student

Sophia:  Thanks for filling the week with fun and excitement. I especially liked the birds that you rescued. I really appreciate it because I love birds of all kinds and I want to be a birdwatcher! Julian:  I loved the Hill hike. The lizards, birds, jackrabbits and... read more

Sustainable Improvements in Outdoor & Environmental Education

Change is a part of life. Consider the Monarch Butterfly that so many of us are fond of and that inhabits the Central Coast every winter. From an egg, it changes into a caterpillar, eats milkweed ravenously until it’s time to form a chrysalis, and then it goes through... read more

National Environmental Education Week

The more we understand about our connection to the environment, the more possibilities we have to influence how those connections impact our health and our planet. That’s where environmental education (EE) comes in.  As students understand their relationship to the... read more

Thank you, Mr. President

Over the last century and a half, our forefathers had the wisdom to preserve open space as public lands for all citizens to enjoy. Today, we have the opportunity to visit local or national parks to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the natural... read more

The Natural Classroom

Do you have wonderful childhood memories of playing in the outdoors? Perhaps you collected leaves and studied their shapes and colors, or you turned over rocks and logs along the creek looking for bugs, or you built castles on the beach with sand and shells. These... read more
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