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SLO County Teacher Induction Program Enrollment

Teaching is a challenging job with many unique frustrations, but the rewards of teaching are numerable. Thank you for accepting the challenge. Below are some brief details about your Teacher Induction Program (TIP) that the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education has made available and some required information. Please note that all TIP applications require payment of a non-refundable $150 program registration fee (assessed each year in the program). You will be directed to a payment link upon completion of this application. Additional program costs are paid directly by most San Luis Obispo County school districts employing candidates. Please consult with your employer to confirm any additional program costs.

James J. Brescia, Ed.D.
County Superintendent of Schools

Program Description and Details

**It is your responsibility to enroll in a Professional Teaching Credential Induction Program within 120 calendar days of the start of your initial teaching contract.

**By completing and signing this application, you are enrolling in the San Luis Obispo County Teacher Induction Program.
Six Continuing Education Units from Cal Poly are available and are contingent upon the successful completion of the responsibilities listed below.

Professional Credential Candidate Requirements

**For each year of participation in the TIP, You agree to complete and submit this Teacher Induction Enrollment Form as required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and California Department of Education. You agree to participate in ongoing program evaluation.

**For each year of participation in the Teacher Induction Program, You agree to attend and fully participate in the following program requirements:

  • Attend orientation at the beginning for Year 1.
  • Complete the required Surveys.
  • General Ed. teacher participate in a minimum of 9 hours of professional development.
  • Special Ed. teacher participate in a minimum of 9 hours of professional development.
  • Develop a professional relationship with your designated Teacher Induction Mentor, characterized by openness, sharing and reflection.
  • Incorporate formative assessment events into your teaching.
  •  Submit formative assessment information and documentation as partial evidence of credential.
  • Incorporate your Individual Learning Plan as a guide to developing teacher growth.

Professional Credential Candidate Responsibilities

** You understand that participation in the following program activities are your responsibilities as a candidate:

  • Weekly contact with your Teacher Induction Mentor.
  • Complete formative assessment materials in collaboration with your Teacher Induction Mentor.
  • Participate in informal and formal classroom observations by your Teacher Induction Mentor.

** You understand that if questions or concerns arise about the pairing with a Teacher Induction Mentor, it is your responsibility to contact the TIP coordinator for consideration of reassignment.

Professional Credential Candidate Acknowledgements

  • You acknowledge that failure to fulfill any of the above TIP requirements and/or responsibilities could result in not receiving a recommendation for the Professional Teaching Credential.
  • You acknowledge that the TIP requirements and responsibilities leading to completion of the California Professional Teaching Credential do not imply or ensure continued employment in a district of employment.
  • You acknowledge that information submitted for evidence of completion of the California Professional Teaching Credential is confidential and may not be used for employment evaluation purposes.
  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to submit all required evidence for program completion.

To acknowledge you have read and agree to the Professional Requirements, Responsibilities and Acknowledgements and would like to continue to registration click Enrollment Closed.

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