Fiber coming soon to Oceano Education Center

A significant technology improvement will soon be happening at Oceano Education Center (OEC). Thanks to a $40,000 state grant(BIIG 2.0) and a partnership with Lucia Mar Unified School District(LMUSD) the internet connection from OEC  to the SLOCOE main office will go from “slow and expensive” to “fast and free.”

OEC currently has what is referred to as a “T1” connection to SLOCOE. A T1 is 1.5Mbps which is probably a tenth or less than the bandwidth of your home internet connection. And not only is this meager it’s also expensive with a cost of over $6500 a year even after education discounts.

What’s the replacement? A fiber connection to OEC’s sister school Oceano Elementary. From there the connection gets onto Lucia Mar’s super fast network connection to the internet via SLOCOE. The bandwidth to OEC increases their bandwidth by a factor of over 50. 🙂  And since LMUSD uses two of the three classrooms at OEC this upgrade will be a win/win for us both.

This project also includes a fiber connection the portable next door to OEC which LMUSD is currently using as a  Community Base training center. The upgrade should be completed by the middle of May.