Professional Growth for Employees

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Financial Incentive Support for Employees

Certificated Professional Growth

The CTA contract 2012 – 2015 allows for salary advancement by column movement as discussed in Article 3.6.  Column advancement is granted to those employees who qualify through the educational development process (progress toward advanced degree program and/or qualifying units/continuing educational units).  Please refer to the contract for details.  The required forms may be found via the following links:

Classified Professional Growth

The Collective Bargaining Agreement, through the efforts of the Negotiating Team, makes available to classified employees a comprehensive Professional Growth Program. The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education and C.S.E.A., Chapter #444, support this plan and encourage continued and active participation on the part of all classified employees.

In compliance with the contract, a Classified Professional Growth Review Committee has been established to implement the program, assist candidates with interpretation of the plan, and act as a reviewing body to analyze professional growth activities for compliance. The Review Committee has prepared procedures that will enable all interested classified employees the optimum opportunity to take advantage of this program and to benefit from personal growth through planned professional growth activities.

In the spring of each school year, a notice is sent to all classified employees entitled “Intent to Apply.” For employees who feel they have sufficient units/hours to qualify for an increment, or addition to activity previously submitted, the completed “Intent…” form must be returned by the date listed. Participant applications will be reviewed by the Committee and eligible employees will receive the Professional Growth Increment increase effective September 1 of the upcoming school year.

If you have questions regarding the Classified Professional Growth Program, please feel free to contact Angela Simmons at 782-7233 or by email.