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Business Systems and Payroll

Accounts Payable – Monday & Wednesday at 2PM


In addition to all school district payroll-processing for districts within San Luis Obispo County, our payroll team is responsible for the processing and distribution of supplemental and end-of-month paychecks to all San Luis Obispo County school districts and Cuesta Community College. This department also audits and submits retirement reporting for the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) and Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) for all San Luis Obispo county school districts including 3 charter schools, and Cuesta Community College (STRS only). All automatic payroll deposits, warrant cancellations, and wage adjustments are handled through the SLOCOE Payroll office.  In conjunction with Business Systems, SLOCOE Payroll issue W-2s for over 7,792 full-time, substitute, and part-time employees in San Luis Obispo County school districts. In 2017, total gross payroll countywide exceeded $254 million dollars. The Payroll team strives for continuous improvement through training and phone support in a helpful and professional manner in order to facilitate compliance with federal and state tax and retirement laws.

Business Systems

Business Systems produces payroll and accounts payable warrants for San Luis Obispo County school districts and Cuesta Community College. Forms 1095, 1099, and W-2 are also produced by Business Systems for all of our school districts. In addition, as the county hub for Quintessential School Systems (QSS) school business software, SLOCOE Business Systems provides software user support and troubleshooting for various QSS modules including core financial, payroll, human resources, absence tracking, benefits management, purchasing and requisition routing, position control, budget development, as well as other areas within the QSS school financial system.

Payroll Manager

Meghan Knable, Payroll Manager
Meghan Knable

Classified Coordinator, Payroll/Retirement

Kim Boyd

District Support, Tax Reporting

Business Systems Specialist I

Elena Geiger

QSS/QCC Support, Warrant Production,
Data Processing Calendars, Training Schedule

Payroll/Retirement Specialist II

Sherry Lopez-DeWolf

SLOCOE Payroll

Payroll/Retirement Specialist

No Photo Available

County Office Payroll (M-Z)
STRS Reporting
External Support

Payroll/Retirement Specialist

No Photo Available
Open Position

Cayucos and Shandon Payroll
PERS Support
Voluntary Deductions
Automatic Payroll Deposits (APDs)

Accounting Technician

No Photo Available
Ashley Garcia

District Batch, Payroll Support

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