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Operational Services

The Director assists the Superintendent with facility planning, project management and school facility financing

SLOCOE facilities and staff are spread throughout the County from San Miguel to Nipomo. Operational Services maintenance staff are highly mobile and perform preventive and emergency maintenance as well as small projects.

Transportation and Fleet Vehicles
Transportation staff provide student bus service at various locations in South County, North County and San Luis Obispo. Operational Services is also responsible for scheduling and maintaining fleet, delivery and utility vehicles.

The Director of Operations serves as Safety Coordinator for worker compensation and liability issues and assists and advises the Superintendent’s staff on emergency preparedness and disaster response issues.

Operational Services coordinates all Use of Facilities requests for the county office of education.  Information regarding requesting use of our facilities is located within the links below.  Also, you may contact the Use of Facilities coordinator at 805-782-7251.

***Operational Services provides the point of contact with numerous regulatory agencies.

SLOCOE eNews for June/July

Read the latest SLOCOE news including a message from Dr. Brescia, staff introductions and transitions and events.

Director, Operational Services
Hugo Bastidos, Director of Operational Services
Hugo Bastidos
Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Manager

Nelson Payton, MOT Manager

Nelson Payton

Administrative Assistant II
Jennie Curto, Administrative Assistant II
Jennie Curto
Administrative Assistant I

Shanti Harris

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