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Health Management and Safety Committee

Annual Blood Drive
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January 2020 Annual Blood Drive

Safety Committee
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L-R: Adriana Gaeta, Jennie Curto, Sonia Stuart, Holly Lynch, Robin Kirby, Hugo Bastidos, Nancy Norton, Steve Avelar, Heather McColley, Karen Woodruff. Not Pictured: Karen Donaghe & Clara Gontero

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  • The committee is comprised of classified, certificated and management employees. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month September – May. Agendas and Minutes are available to review.

    The Committee reviews accident trends, results of safety inspections, responds to safety concerns and promotes employee health and wellness by sponsoring the safety incentive programs. The Committee also rewards and recognizes employees who are mindful about using safe practices as they work.

    SLOCOE Health Management and Safety Committee Statement of Purpose and Objectives:

    The HMSC will assist all employees in sustaining a climate of safety awareness. This requires open lines of communication where employees have the opportunity and are eager to participate in safety programs. Employees are encouraged to voice concerns about hazards or potential hazards with full support of the San Luis Obispo Co. Office of Education.

    Committee Goal for 2019/20

    Our goal for 2019/20 is to facilitate a continued reduction in accidents and injuries at SLOCOE, increase self -responsibility of safe practices, create and maintain safe environments, and to see an overall increase in employee participation in the safety incentive program.

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