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Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Information

“Today, I’m signing a bill that is truly revolutionary. We are bringing government closer to the people, to the classroom where real decisions are made, and directing the money where the need and the challenge is greatest. This is a good day for California, it’s a good day for school kids and it’s a good day for our future.
Gov. Jerry Brown on signing the law establishing the Local Control Funding Formula, July 1, 2013

In 2013, California adopted a new formula for financing schools known as Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). It allows schools to respond more directly to local concerns and priorities to provide support to students who need it most.   It is based on the principle of subsidiarity, the idea that decisions are best made at the local level and not at the state level.

Local Control and Accountability Plan

The new LCFF requires districts to develop Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) to set annual goals for all students and detail how funds will be spent to achieve those goals.  The Local Control and Accountability Plans must address 8 state priorities: Basic services, Implementation of Common Core State Standards, Parental Involvement, Student Achievement, Student Engagement, School Climate, Course Access, and Other Student Outcomes (defined by individual districts).

The plans must include parent input and show how the district will increase or improve services for high-need students, particularly English Learners, Low Income, and Foster Youth.  It allows for the LCAP to be individualized to each district’s needs and supports the sharing of the district’s story.

The LCAPs are adopted for a 3-year period of time before July 1st of each year and are revised yearly.  The first sets of plans were adopted prior to July 1, 2014.  The process for plan revisions includes providing information to stakeholders on how the district is implementing the actions, expending funds, and the results achieved towards the specified student goals.   Plans must continue to engage the parent community, teachers, administration, students, and other stakeholders in evaluating student needs and determining the best use of LCFF funds to meet these needs.  All LCAPs must be made available online for public review and comment, and also be presented at a public hearing at a school board meeting. Call or visit your district website for specific dates for their LCAP planning process.  Approved San Luis Obispo County district LCAPs are posted here.

So What is Different with Local Control Funding Formula?

The new formula provides each district with a per pupil base grant.  Additionally, supplemental and concentration funds are provided based on the percentage of students who are Low Income, English Learners, and Foster Youth.  Previously, funds were allocated on a per pupil basis, regardless of the different local needs.  LCFF is performance and student focused.  This requires that the district LCAP clearly show the relationship between state priorities, student outcomes and how state funding contributed to student success.

District Local Control Accountability Plans


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