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Human Resources

Hr Staff 2019
2019 HR Staff

2021 HR Staff: (L-R) Karen Woodruff, Angela Simmons, Linda Meyash, Heidi Hopkins, Jenni Pong, Thomas Alvarez, Debby Davis & Lindsey Eckersley

The Human Resources Department is responsible for:

  • Managing the personnel function for all staff within the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education
  • Managing fingerprinting Program for school employees, community based programs
  • Issuing and monitoring credentials and authorizing work within the public education system in San Luis Obispo County, as well as for general members of the public who wish to obtain a credential
  • Supporting school districts within San Luis Obispo County with any personnel assistance they may require.

The department works with the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing in issuing credentials in accordance with California State law. Additionally, the SLOCOE Human Resources Department monitors credentials for all school districts in the county to ensure teachers and administrators working in public education have current credentials and are working within their credential’s area of authorization.

The Human Resources Department holds quarterly Human Resources Forum meetings for all personnel staff in school districts within the county. These meetings provide the opportunity to find solutions for problems and to share expertise with peers in the personnel field.

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SLOCOE eNews for March

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Chief Human Resources Officer

Thomas E. Alvarez, Chief Human Resources Officer
Thomas E. Alvarez

Confidential Administrative Assistant

Angela Simmons, Confidential Administrative Assistant
Angela Simmons

Association Contract Updates
Frontline Substitute Placement
Classified Professional Growth
Collective Bargaining Data
Mandated Costs
School Calendars
Teacher of the Year Program
Verifications of Employment

Credentials Manager
Heidi Hopkins, Credential Manager
Heidi Hopkins

Assignment Monitoring
Certificated Employee Professional Growth Program
Federal & State Reports
Maintain Employee Contracts
Salary Placement (Certificated & Management Employees)
Salary Schedules Preparation and Maintenance

Confidential Human Resources Specialist

Lindsey Eckersley, Human Resources Technician
Lindsey Eckersley

Absence Tracking and Administration
Address/Name changes
Classified Recruitment
Health Benefits
Unemployment Claims

Confidential Human Resources Specialist

Jenni Pong, Human Resources Specialist
Jenni Pong

CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing)
Credentialing for Teachers
DOJ Results
Health Benefits
Job Descriptions
Personnel Commission/Merit System Rules
Wage/Step Increases

Confidential Human Resources Specialist

Karen Woodruff, Human Resources Specialist
Karen Woodruff

Certificated Recruitment
Grizzly Recruitment
Leave of Abscence
Resignations / Retirement
Student Teaching/Internships
Workers Compensation

Human Resources Technician

Alysen Barron

Address/Name changes
Substitute Recruitment
Performance Evaluations
TB Tracking




Office Assistant
Linda Meyash, Office Assistant
Linda Meyash
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