Resources for Substitutes

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Becoming a substitute employee of SLOCOE

The San Luis Obispo County of Education is always looking for qualified substitutes for our programs. If you like working with children but would enjoy a flexible schedule, becoming a substitute might be the perfect job for you. Substituting is also a great way to get to know the schools, programs and staff if you are looking for a permanent position in this area. We have regular recruiting for the following positions:

  • Substitute Teacher, Special Education
  • Substitute Teacher, Alternative Education
    • Community Schools
    • Juvenile Court School
    • Grizzly Academy
  • Substitute Instructional Assistant, Special Education and Alternative Education
  • Substitute for Child Development Programs
  • Substitute Custodian
  • Substitute Clerical
  • Substitute Nursing

Please view and apply for our positions on-line through Ed-Join!

Important Information

We are currently using Frontline Absence Management (FAM) (formerly Aesop), an automated system which will call you in the mornings and evenings for substitute assignments. Whenever possible, FAM will call you in the evening for an assignment the next day or beyond. Morning calls are only made for assignments on that day. When FAM calls you for a job, make note of the job number you are given. This will be important in the event that you need more information or need to cancel the job.

In addition, FAM will allow you to go online or on the telephone to select jobs which have been posted in the system. In order to use this feature to its maximum benefit, make sure your profile is up to date with your availability, phone number and qualifications.
You must complete a time card for each assignment. Pick up a timecard at the first site where you substitute each month. Use this card for the entire month (please follow directions on the back of the timecard for the inclusive dates). If you are a substitute teacher, please have the assistant in the classroom sign your time card. If you are an assistant, please have the teacher sign your time card. For those of you who substitute both as a teacher and an instructional assistant, please be sure to use the correct card for each assignment (certificated cards are beige or brown; classified cards are blue, Grizzly certificated are gray, and Grizzly classified are green). At the end of each month, submit this card to the Human Resources Department at the SLOCOE office.

Call the FAM Operator at 782-7233 if you are unsure about your ID number. In most cases, your username is your current working phone number that you have registered with SLOCOE.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Applying for Substitute Positions | 805-782-7264
  • Credential Applications | 805-782-7221
  • Fingerprinting | 805-782-7236
  • Payroll | 805-782-7217 or 805-782-7223
  • FAM Administrator | 805- 782-7233
  • FAX | 805-541-1105
  • FAM | 1-800-942-3767
  • FAM Website

Sub Pay Rates

All alternative education, special education and preschool substitutes will be paid for a minimum of 3.5 hours when called to a location. Please make sure you enter 3.5 hours even if you only work 3 hours. If you enter 3 hours – you will be paid for 3 hours. Please see Salary Schedules (link below) for most current information.