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Student Programs and Services

Student Programs and Services Staff at PBIS conference

Student Programs and Services Staff at PBIS Conference 2021

PBIS Conf 1
Student Programs and Services and Probation Staff at PBIS conference

PBIS Implementation Award for Loma Vista Community School

PBIS Conf 2
Student Programs and Services and Probation Staff at PBIS conference

PBIS Implementation Award for Chris Jespersen School

PBIS Conf 3
Student Programs and Services and Probation Staff at PBIS conference

PBIS Implementation Award for Juvenile Court School

DHH Staff Dress Up
Carrer Technical Education Brainstorming Session at SLOCOE

DHH staff dress up as One Fish Two Fish for a National Read a Book Day

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The Student Programs and Services department serves students in alternative education and special education throughout San Luis Obispo County.  We are committed to offering the best education possible, using 21st century learning skills to create an environment that will have our students ready for a positive, productive life as an adult, each reaching their highest potential. This is an exciting time in education.  We are transitioning to the Common Core Standards, using more integrated technology with online and blended learning.  We are committed to sharing and collaborating with all districts and other stakeholders in our county, providing and sharing information that will make all of the programs in our county stronger. We will be collecting and analyzing data, using outcome based programs, and building and maintaining relationships with students, families, and stakeholders throughout the county. As a department, we understand the importance of students attending school regularly.  We are committed to working with local agencies to provide students and families the assistance they need in order for students to be at school and ready to learn.  The staff on our campuses provide an environment that is consistent, reliable, safe, respectful, and caring. Please take time to visit the additional links on our department website to learn more about our services to students in our special education and alternative education programs. We are looking forward to a productive year.

Student Programs & Services is committed to…

  • Providing quality educational programs and services to at-risk and special needs students.
  • Promoting excellence in our educational programs through training and professional growth opportunities for all staff members.
  • Developing and enhancing a positive organizational climate.
  • Providing leadership and expertise to the school districts, agencies and community organizations within San Luis Obispo County in support of success for all students, including at-risk and special needs students.
  • Fostering positive relationships with families and careproviders and the interagency collaboratives which assist families and the educational community in this important partnership.
  • Implementing legislative mandates focused upon positive school attendance, high academic expectations and accountability for all students.

SLOCOE eNews for October

Read the latest SLOCOE news including a message from Dr. Brescia, staff introductions and transitions and events.

Assistant Superintendent
Katherine Aaron, Assistant Superintendent
Katherine Aaron
Executive Assistant

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Emily Johnson

Data and Student Information Specialist/SEIS/CalPADS Operator
No Photo Available
Wendy Johnson 
Data and Student Information Specialist

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Maria Vega 


No Photo Available
Naomi Yamagata

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Rose de Haro
Food Service

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Emily Johnson

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