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Court and Community Schools

San Luis Obispo Court and Community School students will achieve their full academic, social and emotional potential through the support and guidance of our educational community.

The mission of the San Luis Obispo Court and Community Schools is to provide our students with a safe, structured and challenging educational environment focusing on the whole person. Our curriculum is goal-oriented, integrated and flexible, designed to meet the diverse needs of our student population. Through collaborations with community partners, we deliver specialized services and programs that focus on academic achievement, goal setting and social responsibility.

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students at SLOCOE Court and Community Schools will be. . .

  • Critical thinkers, collaborators and communicators that:
    • Access, monitor, and manage academic progress
    • Advocate and utilize available academic resources
    • Demonstrate effective technology use and digital citizenship
    • Solve problems in conventional and creative ways
    • Read, write, listen and speak effectively
  • San Luis Obispo Court and Community Schools is committed to providing our students with access to a rigorous academic experience, preparing them for their next placement. Short version: Academic Rigor
  • Socially and emotionally healthy citizens who:
    • Are well-balanced and take initiative and responsibility for daily situations
    • Make informed life choices that benefit themselves and others
    • Self-reflect on past choices and continuously monitor future decisions
    • Navigate and utilize available community resources
  • Administration and staff of the San Luis Obispo Court and Community Schools will provide additional opportunities and supports for students to become engaged in school, in their learning, and in the development and attainment of goals for their successful future. Short version: Student Engagement
  • Transition-oriented who:
    • Plan and set goals and make forward progress
    • Actively participated in developing and completing a transition plan
    • Are college and or career ready
  • This highly mobile at-risk population (including foster and non-foster youth) experiences multiple transitions. The administration and staff on the campuses will offer increased support to these students, to and from Court School, Community School, District Schools, College, Career, and Foster Placements. Short version: Transitions
Director, Alternative Education

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Chris Balogh

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