Court and Community Schools

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Karen Donaghe, Principal

San Luis Obispo Court and Community School students will achieve their full academic, social and emotional potential through the support and guidance of our educational community.

The mission of the San Luis Obispo Court and Community Schools is to provide our students with a safe, structured and challenging educational environment focusing on the whole person. Our curriculum is goal-oriented, integrated and flexible, designed to meet the diverse needs of our student population. Through collaborations with community partners, we deliver specialized services and programs that focus on academic achievement, goal setting and social responsibility.


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

  • Students at SLOCOE Court and Community Schools will…
    • Be academic achievers who…
      • demonstrate knowledge of the core curriculum
      • think critically and problem solve
      • understand the importance of gaining information and knowledge
      • apply technology and academic knowledge to real life situations
    • Be productive community members who…
      • appreciate diverse cultures and tolerate differences
      • connect and contribute to their community
        • recognize their role as a community member by…
          • …abiding by laws
          • …maintaining employment and paying taxes
          • …respecting their surroundings
      • Demonstrate personal responsibility by…
        • raising their level of self-awareness and demonstrating personal respect
        • identifying and developing a realistic plan for educational, vocational, and personal goals
        • making healthy personal and life choices that benefit themselves and others
        • developing decision-making skills to deal effectively with varied situations and issues
      • Be effective communicators who…
        • communicate their needs clearly and appropriately in a variety of situations
        • express themselves clearly when reading, writing, listening and speaking
        • participate appropriately in collaborative learning