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History/Social Science

To qualify for the State Seal of Civic Engagement, California high school students in their junior and senior year must:

  1. Be engaged in academic work in a productive way;
  2. Demonstrate a competent understanding of U.S. and California constitutions; functions and governance of local governments; tribal government structures and organizations; the role of the citizen in a constitutional democracy; and democratic principles, concepts, and processes;
  3. Participate in one or more informed civic engagement project(s) that address real-world problems and require students to identify and inquire into civic needs or problems, consider varied responses, take action, and reflect on efforts;
  4. Demonstrate civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions through self-reflection; and
  5. Exhibit character traits that reflect civic-mindedness and a commitment to positively impact the classroom, school, community and/or society.

Overview of the SSCE(PPTX)
Local Programming(PPTX)
Frequently Asked Questions

Students benefits of Earning a State Seal of Civic Engagement

  • Insignia/Seal on the high school diploma
  • Engage with local public agencies to identify and research problems and to find viable solutions.
  • Earning the diploma insignia is an incentive for students and a signal to colleges and employers that a student has excelled in an area of study.

Student Project Examples

For Districts and Schools

The SSCE provides students opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary learning and inquiry around Civic Engagement.

The SSCE align to California’s priorities:

  • Student Achievement
  • School Climate
  • Student Engagement and Reducing Dropout Rate
  • Common Core Standards Implementation
  • Access to a Broad Course of Study
  • LCAP Stakeholder Engagement

State Seal of Civic Engagement Roadmap – At a Glance
Resources to Support Civic Engagement
Staff Supporting Resources
List of Service Providers

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