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Early Learning Centers

By California State and First 5 SLO

Early Learning Centers offer a parent and child education program to low and moderate-income families. This program is funded by the California State Department of Education and First 5 of San Luis Obispo County. The program is administered through the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education.


  • Physical development – small muscle and large muscle coordination skills.
  • Dental, nutrition and safety education.
  • Emotional and social development through play with other children.
  • Breakfast or a nutritious snack is provided daily through the Child & Adult Care Food Program.
  • Child-directed activities to develop independence, problem-solving, decision-making and creative thinking skills.
  • Teacher-planned activities to expand the children’s interests and knowledge.
  • Language development and communication skills.
  • Cognitive development – pre-academic skills for reading, mathematics and science.
  • Creative exploration – art, music, dance, and drama


  • Focus on the important role parents play in their child’s education.
  • Build supportive relationships with other parents and teachers.
  • Listen to speakers on topics such as positive discipline, health and nutrition, preparing your child for kindergarten, first aid, child safety both indoors and outside, etc.
  • Learn about physical, cognitive, emotional, social and creative development of children.
  • One of the most important aspects of our program is “parent education and involvement”.

The following participation is needed in order to ensure the required adult/child ratios for licensing and the educational goals for both the children and families in our program:


  1. Assure full attendance for your child (5 days per week for a 3  hour period)
  2. Transport your child to and from school at the designated time (we do not offer transportation)
  3. Attend parent education meetings; and
  4. Participate twice per month in the classroom
Director, Early Learning Educational Support

Lauren Thorne, Certificated Sr. Grant Coordinator
Lauren Thorne

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