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Substitute Permits

In order to become a substitute teacher in California, you must hold a valid Substitute Teaching Permit or valid California credential. Minimum requirements for a Substitute Teaching Permit are:

  • Passing score on CBEST (or other approved Basic Skills Examination)
  • Fingerprint Clearance sent to the Commission for Teacher Credentialing
  • Official (sealed) transcripts showing the appropriate level of education (see below)

Four types of substitute teaching permits are available but only two are commonly issued by our office. If you have a Bachelor’s (or higher) Degree, you would apply for the Emergency 30 Day Substitute Teaching Permit. If you have at least 90 semester (135 quarter) units of college level credits AND are currently enrolled at a 4 year college or university, you would apply for the Emergency Substitute Teaching Permit for Prospective Teachers. For more information on other substitute teaching permits you can go to the website for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Download our full color, printable brochure on substitute teaching permits​.

Please visit for the most current information regarding substitute teaching permits.

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