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End-of-Life Announcements and Unsupported Technology

  • As technology progresses, MANUFACTURERS phase out the support of older technology. The information below will change as SLOCOE is made aware of these “end of life” announcements from the MANUFACTURERS. This status indicates that parts and services are expected to be discontinued on these products in the near future.

    Technology that is “Non-Supported” refers to hardware and software products which the MANUFACTURER is no longer supporting or which are not compatible with existing SLOCOE systems and/or infrastructure. This status indicates that parts and services can no longer be reliably obtained.

    SLOCOE will continue to support this equipment with “best efforts*” by exhausting all available support resources. However, users are forewarned that eventually, service on this technology will not be possible. At that point, support of the technology will fall to the individual site or the technology will need to be surplused.

    Computers – PC
    Desktops below Core i7 and 3.4 Ghz
    Laptops below Core i5 and 2.5 Ghz

    Computers – Apple:
    Apple: Obsolete Products listed by Apple as obsolete – Parts are no longer available.
    Apple Products purchased after Fall 2001 will not be supported.

    Software and OS’s:
    Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista (Microsoft products End of Life Announcements)
    Microsoft Office 2003 and older.
    Mac OS (Any Version)
    Word Perfect
    Internet Explorer 10 or older
    Adobe Reader Version 9.x or older. (Click here for Adobe list of supported products)
    Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro Version 9.x or older.
    Adobe CS5.5 and older

    *Best Effort is defined as repairing and/or replacing defective parts as available from the manufacturer and other sources. Equipment will not be upgraded (CPU, hard drive, memory, etc.) to overcome performance or capacity limitations of the hardware.

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