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SLOCOE Software Installation Policy or “Call Before You Install”

  • The SLOCOE ITS department, in an effort to keep computers operating optimally, requires that all non-standard software be approved prior to installation. The intended purpose of this policy is to make sure that the software is compatible with our computers and that it is properly licensed.

    Some software programs appear to offer great functionality but, in truth they can cause many problems – they may disrupt the functionality of core programs; they can cause severe performance problems; they can disrupt the operating system, and they can cause computer hangs and crashes. Ouch!

    Since we all want happy and healthy computers please do not install non-standard software without prior approval so, “call before you install”.

    List of standard software

    Tech Services staff has been directed to remove non-standard and improperly licensed programs from computers they are working on. You will not be charged for the initial removal of this software.

    Please note that even with approval you must use licensed software. If you do not have a license for the software you need to install please contact ITS to arrange for the purchase of a license.

    If you find software that you feel would be helpful in the performance of your duties, please feel free to contact Tech Services and we will do an evaluation at no cost to you. We would prefer you to call us before you install the software.

    Needless to say, spending time and effort removing harmful and improperly licensed software takes away from the time we are able to spend on more fruitful activities. It decreases the usefulness of your computer. Please help us help you and “call before you install”!

    SLOCOE Electronic Media Communication Acceptable Internet Use Policy

    Phil Trott
    Director Information Technology Services

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