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Coaching Leaders

Our work in education is steeped in challenges; both systemic challenges and individual ones, small and large. We tend to pursue solutions based on the way that problems are defined and we define problems according to our interpretation of what we observe.  The work...

Building an Inclusive Culture

What comes to mind when you think about culture? This expression is used often, but conceptualized in different ways. To a jazz musician, a mention of culture may conjure images of a jazz combo on a New Orleans street corner. To a biologist, thoughts of cultivating...

Create a Culture of Caring

Students experiencing homelessness often face overwhelming challenges. By definition, homeless students lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. Whether students are staying temporarily with family or friends - or staying in a shelter, motel, or car -...

Updates from CDE

The start of the school year is always full of anticipation and preparation as we ready ourselves to make a difference for our SLO county students. For some of you, classrooms are in full swing as this is published. We are excited to deliver the ESS Missive each week...


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