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Out of State Credentials

Teachers who hold valid teaching certificates/credentials issued by another state are eligible to be issued a California teaching credential, provided that the certificate corresponds to one issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

The CTC has several helpful leaflets to assist you in preparing your application for a California credential.

Following instructions carefully will ensure that you receive your document promptly, with the correct renewal requirements and endorsements.  We would be happy to review your application prior to submitting it to CTC to verify that you have included all required documents.  Please call 805-782-7248 for an appointment. 

You may also apply directly online to CTC for your credential.

Important Issues to Consider

Basic Skills Requirement:  All applicants must meet the Basic Skills Requirement in order to be issued a California credential.  Applicants applying through an employing district or county office may be issued an initial document good for one year without completing this requirement.  The Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) must be fulfilled within the first year.  Since January 1, 2007 the CTC has recognized examinations required by other states.  Please refer to the BSR chart to determine if you have passed a qualifying examination.  If you have not passed one of these approved examinations, you will need to take the CBEST examination or the CSET Multiple Subject Examination PLUS the writing portion.

Out of State Chart of BSR examinations

Fingerprinting:  You must be fingerprinted in California before you can apply for a credential.  For more information, go to our Fingerprint Information Page.

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