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Data Privacy, Security and Safety

This site is intended as a resource to promote safe and responsible use of data, both in the classroom and our business practices. As data has become digitized and moved from paper in a file cabinet to being stored in the cloud, there are new challenges to ensure this data is protected and is accessible only to those who need access. This site provides information about data privacy and safety, including state and federal regulations that govern data privacy; assistance in understanding our individual role with data; tips to improve our personal habits; tips to aid teacher compliance when selecting classroom applications; and other resources that support data privacy protection.Even with the best network security measures in place, it’s the human element that puts data at the greatest risk. Each August, as students and teachers return to the classroom, is a good time to remind ourselves to practice safe digital habits and to reflect upon areas we can improve our personal practices to protect student data and the network. It’s important to know and understand our role as a data steward: proprietor, custodian or user, and to exhibit strong practices. Are you unsure what data can be shared and the best way to share it? It’s always best to error on the side of caution, so don’t share until you know you can share the data in the safest way possible.Here are two strong practices you can put in place immediately: before leaving your workspace, make sure your computer is locked; and do not place passwords written on sticky notes under your keyboard or on your monitor. Can you identify other safe practices?

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Tech Services.

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