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Information Technology Services Equipment Standards

  • The SLOCOE replacement policy is desktop computers will be replaced every five years and notebook computers will be replaced every three years, funds permitting. Some computers outlive their expected life cycle with no challenges while others may not. Common sense is also used to not remove perfectly functional adequate equipment if it appropriately serves its purpose. Exceptions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with the objective being to ensure users have the computer resources they need in order to do their jobs properly.

    (Note: All hardware and software purchases must be approved by SLOCOE Information Technology Services Department.)

    Non-Supported and End Of Life Technology


    • Desktop Operating Systems: Windows 7 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise
    • Mail: Google Mail
    • Internet: Chrome (free*), FireFox (free*), Internet Explorer 11.x and newer(free *)
    • Anti-virus and AdWare: Panda Anti-Virus (free *)
    • Network Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2/2016, CentOS 7, SUSE 12
    • Application Software: Microsoft Office 2010, G Suite for Education, QSS\QCC, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader (free*), Adobe PhotoShop, File Maker Pro, Paint.Net (free*), PDF Creator (free*)

    *FREE – Contact the Technology Services Department for information about ‘free’ software and licenses or look on our Download page. DO NOT INSTALL SOFTWARE (see “Call Before You Install” policy) THAT IS NOT PROPERLY LICENSED BY SLOCOE and the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES DEPARTMENT.

    Computer Hardware

    • Desktops: Dell Optiplex w/ Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM & SSD Drive
      • New desktops systems must come with 5 Year onsite warranty.
    • Laptops: Dell Latitude w/ Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM & SSD Drive
      • New laptop systems must come with 3 Year (or better) onsite warranty.
    • Mobile: Chromebooks and iPads
    • Smartphones/Cell Phones: Verizon Phones, Android, and Apple IOS
      • We do not officially support RIM Blackberry’s but we will use our best efforts to get them to work with our system.
    • Printers: Canon Copiers: ( Primary printer for most office based users), HP LaserJet (as required)
      • Inkjet printers are no longer recommended for most uses. In the event of a hardware failure, this equipment will generally not be replaced.
    • Servers: Dell Power Edge Servers
    • Infrastructure Equipment: Cisco managed switches and routers, Lightspeed Content filters, Ruckus Wireless, Iwatsu Phones

    All wireless equipment must be configured and installed by the Technology Services Department to conform with SLOCOE’s security requirements and standards. Users may NOT install wireless equipment.

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