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Supplemental Educational Services

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 enables parents to select supplemental educational services (SES) for their children. SES are additional academic instruction provided outside of the regular school day and designed to increase the academic achievement of students attending schools in Program Improvement (PI) Years 2 through 5.

SES is a free tutoring program offered to students enrolled in schools that are in the second (or greater) year of program improvement, corrective action, or restructuring. These services are provided by state-approved tutoring providers at no charge to the family.  The goal of SES is to promote academic growth of low-income students in reading/language arts and mathematics and also support English language development for students with limited English proficiency.

You can choose a tutoring program that best meets your child’s needs from the list of approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) providers in your area.  The program will provide your child with tutoring that is coordinated with what is being taught in school and may help improve your child’s academic skills.

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