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An Effective Approach to Early Care and Education

Educational Support Services

Lauren Thorne

Certificated Sr. Grant Coordinator

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education recognizes that in order to meet the needs of all young learners, early childhood programs need to commit to build and sustain comprehensive, high-quality teaching and learning environments. An effective approach involves a complex cycle of curriculum, instruction, assessment practices, as well as professional development. Together, each of these elements contributes to creating a strong framework for fostering each child’s learning and development.

Early Learning and Educational Support (ELES) promotes planning and actions to advocate for a quality early care and education system that meets the needs of all children and families.  ELES includes several projects that support the Early Care and Education (ECE) workforce with opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities through ongoing professional development.

This year, our ELES program has committed to helping the ECE workforce and community by providing workforce support. One of the major focuses has been to connect with the workforce to understand their needs in order to be successful in their practice.

Stay tuned for the activities the ELES program will provide to help improve curriculum implementation, support high-quality student-teacher interactions, and help lessen teacher burnout, and increase teacher retention and high-quality programs for the future leaders of our country.

To learn more about Early Learning and Education Support and Resources provided through SLOCOE, view

                                                                            Lauren Thorne

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