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Together, Let’s Create the Change WE Wish to See in the World

Getting ready for school entails more than a good night sleep, hearty breakfast and a backpack with completed homework. In addition to learning academics, students true school readiness ideally includes social emotional skills as well as executive function and... read more

Sustainable Improvements

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”  —Tuli Kupferberg The Fall 2018 California School Dashboard will be made available to the public within the next few days. This year’s release will bring new indicators that give greater visibility to the results our... read more

Promoting Family Engagement in the Early Learning Classroom

What does this look like in a early learning classroom? Embracing each child’s family will enhance their partnership in the classroom. A family is made up of the people that care for the child, which can mean a variety of family structures. The first step of family... read more

Getting to Know: Scott Smith, Superintendent for Cayucos Elementary School District

What led you to become a Superintendent? I have always enjoyed working with/for young people. Students are at the center of everything I do. I remember after a very frustrating experience with overall management at the school I was working at as a teacher thinking to... read more

Reading Books to Children: Building a Foundation

As an Early Childhood professional, and as the Raising A Reader Coordinator for San Luis Obispo County, I understand the importance of teamwork in the educational field. Parents, teachers, administrators, and volunteer community members need to work collectively... read more

Sustainable Improvements in Outdoor & Environmental Education

Change is a part of life. Consider the Monarch Butterfly that so many of us are fond of and that inhabits the Central Coast every winter. From an egg, it changes into a caterpillar, eats milkweed ravenously until it’s time to form a chrysalis, and then it goes through... read more


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