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Teacher Appreciation

It is May, which among many things means we celebrate our teachers and dedicate this week to them. Officially, Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day. This is one of our traditions in education that all of us embrace as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge our teachers... read more

Highlights of a Local CTE Program

This week we are trying something new. In place of a written article highlighting an aspect of education, we are embedding a video to share a local story of success. Let us know what you think. Templeton School District is creating wonderful opportunities for their... read more

Sustainable Improvements

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”  —Tuli Kupferberg The Fall 2018 California School Dashboard will be made available to the public within the next few days. This year’s release will bring new indicators that give greater visibility to the results our... read more

Grad Rates in SLO County Continue to Shine

Graduation Rates for the 16-17 4 Year Cohort group were recently released.  The methodology for computing graduation rates has changed from previous years due to a federal audit.  As part of this process, three significant changes were implemented for calculating 2017... read more

Updates from CDE

The start of the school year is always full of anticipation and preparation as we ready ourselves to make a difference for our SLO county students. For some of you, classrooms are in full swing as this is published. We are excited to deliver the ESS Missive each week... read more


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