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Teacher Appreciation

Educational Support Services

Dan Peverini

Director, Educational Support Services

It is May, which among many things means we celebrate our teachers and dedicate this week to them. Officially, Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day. This is one of our traditions in education that all of us embrace as an opportunity to publicly acknowledge our teachers for all their hard work and dedication to students. We know what a powerful impact a great educator can have on the lives of students. The following poem from Leslie at Kindergartenworks captures it well.

Thanks for all that you did today in your classroom…
For making a million little split second decisions for the benefit of your students.
For putting your own needs on hold and keeping them the focus of your day.
For planning for them long before today ever got rolling.
For changing those plans because they didn’t fit someone who needed a little extra.
For smiling, laughing with them and reassuring their efforts, trials and mistakes.
For placing your hand on a shoulder that was exactly what someone needed.
For getting down on the physical level of your students because it matters.
For thinking of a new way to reach someone who wasn’t getting it.
You matter.
Yes –
You matter.

I think that the following video also helps capture the attitude, dedication, and opportunity to be positive agents of change that teachers represent.


Dan Peverini
Executive Director, Educational Support Services
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

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