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Getting to Know: Scott Smith, Superintendent for Cayucos Elementary School District

Educational Support Services

Photo of Scott Smith

Scott Smith, CESD Superintendent

What led you to become a Superintendent?
I have always enjoyed working with/for young people. Students are at the center of everything I do. I remember after a very frustrating experience with overall management at the school I was working at as a teacher thinking to myself, “There ought to be a better way.” The next thought that ran through my head is “I have no right to complain if I am not willing to step in and try to be a part of the solution.” That is the day I decided to become an administrator. My first job in administration was as VP of a middle school with almost a thousand students. It was a challenging way to start but I served students for three years in that position. After a couple of principal positions (elementary and middle school), a Director of Special Education position, a Director of Human Resources position, and an Assistant Superintendent position, I applied to come back to my alma mater and become Superintendent of Cayucos Elementary School District. Therefore, I think I became a Superintendent because I wanted to be part of the solution for whatever ails the organization so we can better serve students.

What inspired you to enter the field of education?  
Working with young people is what inspired me to enter the field of education. We get paid to help kids!  What can be better?  It is a great opportunity for someone like me who enjoys students. I think they’re funny.

Do you have a particular goal that drives you? 
My ongoing overarching goal is always to leave things in better shape than when I found them. Whether it is improving a process within an organization to make it better serve students and parents or helping an individual, I want it/them to be better after I engage in the situation.

What objectives do you hope to achieve? 
My objectives are threefold at Cayucos Elementary School District. Foremost is to make Cayucos School be the best it can be for students. This means to provide social/emotional support to students on top of strong academics. Secondary is to serve the Board of Trustees in an effective manner to help them have a significant impact on students. Tertiary is to make the school more connected to the community. Cayucos School benefits from tremendous community support. We want to show our appreciation by making the school a great partner for community members.

What are your interests? 
My interests center around people. I like the social interactions that occur in my life. I make a concerted effort to be present. Whether in a group meeting or in a one on one interaction, I try to communicate that what is going on is important so the other people there feel valued. In the long run, I believe that the most important thing in life is to be in a productive relationship with others.

Who are the special people in your life? 
I am fortunate to have a wonderful wife (tell her I said that) and a seventeen year old son that I could not be more proud of. I also have family in the area so I enjoy family events with my siblings. We love the Central Coast and like to have fun together. Who knows, maybe we will see you on the beach or in a restaurant. Please say hello if we do.

Scott Smith
Cayucos Elementary School District
301 Cayucos Drive
Cayucos, CA 93930

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