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Information Literacy Requires Focus

Focus. So much is competing for our attention in contemporary culture that the ability to focus, evaluate and analyze the information in front of us has become more important than ever. And our students are no exception. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study,... read more

Building Capacity in Tech-Averse Teachers

The integration of technology in today’s classrooms has become an essential tool for engaging students, maximizing instructional efficiency and providing equity of access to information. And yet, many teachers resist this change: “I’m not good at technology,” “Why... read more

The Curious Skeptic: a Statewide Media and Information Literacy Summit

How well do we cultivate the ‘curious skeptic’ in our students? Media and information literacy is – and will increasingly be – a critical component of our society, and it is our responsibility to support students in the development of these skills. According to recent... read more

High-Quality Digital Resources for Education and the ETC Portal

With the proliferation of 1-to-1 device adoptions and the expansion of high-speed wireless networks on school campuses, online instructional and learning resources are more beneficial – and essential – than ever. As barriers to access continue to crumble, the value of... read more

Educational Broadcast – Connecting Our Community

Since 2000, SLOCOE has served as the educational grantee of San Luis Obispo County’s PEG (Public, Education, and Government) Access Grant. In this capacity, SLOCOE manages the broadcast and curates the programming of COETV on Charter Cable (now Spectrum). Over... read more
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