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Curriculum and Instruction Programs

The Curriculum and Instruction staff within Educational Support Services provides leadership and expertise for programs and services supporting the success of all students, educators, and learning communities in San Luis Obispo County. We work to promote learning opportunities for all students in a manner that reflects the best current knowledge of teaching and learning. Our staff provides leadership in supporting the work of local school districts by offering staff development opportunities and direct assistance with district and school identified needs.

SLOCOE eNews for February

Read the latest SLOCOE news including a message from Dr. Brescia, staff introductions and transitions and events.

Director, Continuous Improvement and Support

Melanie Crawford, Educational Support Services
Melanie Crawford

Program Specialist, Support Systems

Eileen Higgins

Program Specialist, Support Systems

Lisa Vartanian

Classified Coordinator Coordinator

No Photo Available
Andria Gibson

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