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The Role of Focus in Sustainable Improvements

Sitting in a grade-level meeting, a veteran teacher sighed with frustration and asked, “When will what we do be good enough? When will they stop insisting that we do more, more, more, and better, better, better?” The quiet response was, “Does anyone remember when IBM... read more

Coaching Leaders

Our work in education is steeped in challenges; both systemic challenges and individual ones, small and large. We tend to pursue solutions based on the way that problems are defined and we define problems according to our interpretation of what we observe.  The work... read more

Social Emotional Learning: Serving the Whole Child

Across California, many educational organizations are bringing coherence to the concepts inherent to the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. Although the new term “Social Emotional Learning” is commonly used, this is neither a new idea, nor a new focus.... read more

On Feedback

We are surrounded by feedback every day. Most of it is informal (a pat on the back) and some of it is quite formal (mid- or end-of-year evaluations). Unfortunately, much of this feedback does not result in positive changes because of the difficulties in receiving and... read more


The San Luis Obispo County Teacher Induction Program (TIP) consortium partners with the New Teacher Center to provide support to mentors of new teachers. According to a study recently conducted by the US Department of Education, students gain up to five months of... read more
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