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“The Shifts” aka The Three Major Principles of the CaCCSS for Mathematics

According to the California Mathematics Framework there are three Major Principles of the California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  They are also commonly referred to as the “shifts”.  Focus, Coherence and Rigor are those three principles.  The shifts... read more

Teachers Anticipating Unfinished Learning Part 2

That was some cliffhanger, wasn’t it!?  Seriously, what did those students from 4th grade remember from 3rd grade about Fractions and Area?  If you have no idea what I’m referring to, here is the blog post about Teachers Anticipating Unfinished Learning, (see you back... read more

Teachers Anticipate Unfinished Learning

Imagine bringing four teachers, who have never met, together to discuss math.  These teachers are from different districts, different experiences, and different backgrounds. They had never met each other in any capacity or scenario. However, they do have one thing in... read more

Unfinished Learning

How can we support students in their unfinished learning? Anticipate areas of unfinished learning.

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